Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Marble Caryatid Mantels

One of the puzzles I'm trying to solve about Strickland Row is the mystery of the missing original marble "Caryatid" ( mantel pieces. These mantels date from when the houses were built in the late 1830's and they were situated in the Double Parlors of 1012 Spruce Street. Unit #'s 1F & 1M's main levels are now located in this portion of the house.
As you can see, they were intact as late as the 1950's, but through either theft while the buildings were vacant or whether Milton Hollander kept them for himself, I'd like to know. Simple marble mantels now take the place of the originals.
Stay tuned...........
photo credits: Thomas Jefferson University a Chronological History and Alumni Directory Annotated and Illustrated 1824- 1990 by Frederick B. Wagner Jr. MD & J. Woodrow Sacacool MD

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